Avantages spécialisés en santé et mieux-être

Avantages spécialisés en santé et mieux-être

Avantages spécialisés en santé et mieux-être

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Mercer excelle dans la mise en place de programmes spécialisés en santé et mieux-être : médicaments, gestion globale de la santé, avantages flexibles, assurance vie/accidents/invalidité et congés.

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Mercer Pharmacy Services helps clients implement effective pharmacy benefit programs and integrated health care solutions.

Mercer has the consulting resources (experience, skills, and tools) needed to address almost any pharmacy management issue — clinical, operational, or performance-related — both nationally and internationally. Managed pharmacy specialists come from diverse health care, financial, government, health policy, and industry-related backgrounds. Several are clinical pharmacists with broad ranging experience in government and commercial sectors as well as unique experience in high-profile areas like specialty biotech.

Mercer’s Pharmacy Services considers two broad categories when assisting clients with managing their employee pharmacy benefits, “Essentials” and “Forward Thinking.” Within those broad categories, many opportunities and consulting options are considered, including:



  • Get the best price.
  • Review/refresh plan designs.
  • Vendor oversight.
  • Enhance clinical management.

Forward Thinking

  • Evidence-based design.
  • Worksite (on-site) clinic.
  • Specialty pharmacy.
  • Medication therapy management.
  • Pharmacy purchasing collectives.

The team's in-depth understanding of all facets of the pharmaceutical value chain ultimately leads to more creative and up-to-date solutions with measurable value for our clients.



David Dross (Houston)
Partner, Employee Health & Benefits
+1 713 276 2295