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Workday Implementation Job Architecture Support


Workday Implementation Job Architecture Support

Optimizing Your Workday Investment.

Job architecture is a structured method of organizing the unique positions within your company into a defined job catalog, a key component of Workday implementation success. A simple, easy-to-manage job catalog provides the foundation and support for key relationships between jobs, grades and grade profiles within your organization as well as serving as the basis for compensation analysis. A modest upfront investment in this process can make your Workday implementation easier and save you money in the long run.

Mercer’s Job Architecture Workshops

Our workshops, designed for organizations with up to 2,500 employees, can help you optimize your Workday implementation.

Workshops include:

  • Developing a job architecture using our predefined job catalog
  • Developing and reviewing your customized job catalog
  • Reviewing the process of creating job profiles for Workday using HRTMS

We’ll help you lay the groundwork for building efficient HR programs that provide transparency and rationale for the way jobs are organized and leveled. You’ll come away with a strong foundation for facilitating robust talent and reward programs — an essential component of Workday’s reporting framework and workflows.

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