Développement de carrière

Développement de carrière


Développement de carrière



Whatever your chosen career path, Mercer is there to support you every step of the way.


Whether you’re a recent graduate just beginning your career, a senior consultant looking for new and exciting opportunities or a seasoned executive on the leadership track, our world-class learning and development programs provide you and your manager with the education, information and tools you need to progress in your career at Mercer.


Mercer’s stock-in-trade is the intellectual capital generated by our employees, so we place a premium on continuous learning and improvement.


Mercer’s learning curriculum includes hundreds of online and in-person seminars, courses, certification programs and training sessions across a variety of disciplines to help you expand your knowledge and develop new and valuable skills.


In addition to our own learning curriculum, Mercer provides post-graduate training in a number of areas.


In many cases, Mercer also provides tuition reimbursement and other support – such as study days – to colleagues who are completing qualifications/certifications. Approved qualifications/certifications vary by business/function and country


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