Mercer is more than a Workday deployment partner.

We have an unwavering commitment to more than just successfully deploying Workday for our clients. Our commitment is to transform the business of each and every Workday customer in a very real and sustainable way.

We leverage our expertise, experience, intelligence, innovation, and formidable work ethic to turn Workday clients into Workday enthusiasts.

Workday: Proven. Simpler. Faster. Smarter

It’s a perfect partnership - Workday brings leading-edge applications, functionality and experience. Mercer brings strategic thinking, the technical expertise, the amply certified team members and the ecosystem leading support services that help clients not only deploy Workday solutions, but also teach them how to use their system most effectively.

That’s the power of Mercer and Workday.

Our Workday Partnership

Mercer is committed to continually evolving our Workday solutions. We are the only Workday partner with comprehensive Workday solution options, from advisory, design, deployment, optimization through change management.

In 2014, Mercer became one of the few certified partners in Advisory services. We also acquired Jeitosa, the first Workday Deployment Partner and in 2015 we acquired CPSG Partners, the leading Lifecycle Deployment Program (LDP) Partner.

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