Optimizing your workday investment.


Helping clients maximize their workday investment through organized job architecture workshops.

Front end planning can create tremendous efficiencies and create a better return on investment. Simply stated, Workday system implementations will have a far higher organizational ROI if a company makes a modest upfront investment in job architecture & catalogues, and consulting. Our workshops are designed to support organizations up 2,500 EEs providing strategic optimization to your Workday implementation.

Your workshop will be designed to include:

  • Developing a Job Architecture, utilizing Mercer’s pre-defined Job Catalog 

  • Developing and reviewing your Job Catalog
  • Reviewing the process of creating Job Profiles for Workday, utilizing HRTMS to edit job profiles 

Job architecture is simply a structured way to organize the unique positions within an organization

Implementing a rational job architecture is affordable and manageable.

Other benefits include: 

  • The groundwork to build efficient HR programs providing transparency and rationale for the way jobs are organized and leveled 

  • A strong foundation to enable programs that facilitate robust talent and reward programs 

  • Is Key to Workday’s reporting framework and workflows 

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