From manual to agile

Are you making strategic business plans from spreadsheets? Do you have access to comparable data so that you are making decisions that reflect the current and future state? As you look at your organization’s future forecasts, do you have flexible modeling for financial viability, workforce ratios, and sales capacity?

Financials planning

Quarter end comes and you begin to review budgets. Spreadsheets are exchanged, budgets reviewed, and decisions need to be made. Can you create different scenarios with a click of a button? Can you evaluate various proposals without having to manually redo and track work? 

Workforce planning

Is your company adequately – and strategically – staffed to achieve your financial goals? What about next year’s? Or in five years? Do you know what positions you’ll need, who will need to be reskilled, and what the costs will be given the labor market in your location? Do you have the right staffing mix to achieve your business objectives?

Sales planning

Have you structured your booking targets and quotas in such a way that they can be dynamically updated with a change to your team? Can you identify territories or industries that will be underserved with your existing headcount? Can your planning be easily updated to reflect a change in headcount or economy? 

Technology alone does not drive change and decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum.  By purchasing and implementing Adaptive Planning through Mercer, you will not only have access to a powerful tool, you will also have access to Mercer’s unparalleled data sets to inform your business decisions with relevant and current information.


Without limitations

Workday Adaptive Planning is a standalone tool that can be purchased and implemented with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.


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