In today’s competitive business environment, attracting and retaining top performers is the key to success. By outlining your company’s career levels and job families or career paths with Mercer’s Career Frameworks solution, you can architect compelling career paths for your employees that foster talent development, enhance retention efforts, and cost-effectively cultivate a workforce that improves business performance. 

What Does a Career Framework Do For You?

Our Career Frameworks solution leverages our proprietary approach to leveling, defining, and classifying jobs. By linking all critical HR processes — including workforce analytics, selection, performance management, succession management, rewards, and career development — we unlock Big Data insights that offer unprecedented talent management control. In fact, according to our 2015 'Career Frameworks in Talent Management' study, 76% of organizations using Career Frameworks indicated that their investment has paid off by providing enhanced employee engagement and talent development.

Our Career Frameworks solution enables you to attract, retain, and engage employees by strategically mapping their career progression and demonstrating how their role contributes to business objectives. By assigning accountabilities, performance standards, and competencies to roles, you can also create easier benchmarking for rewards and benefits programs.

Optimize Your Talent

Our strategic, design-thinking approach and methodology are based on a thorough analysis of the labor market. Specifically, our solution provides the building blocks of your organization’s career framework, including: 

  • Identifying the right career philosophy and its associated levels, tracks (families/subfamilies), critical roles, and job structure.
  • Defining accountabilities and competencies throughout your organization.
  • Mapping current jobs and employees to the career framework and determining where job consolidation is required.
  • Aligning the infrastructure across all talent initiatives, such as performance, pay, succession, acquisition and development.

Facilitate Employee Growth and Retention

Our Career Frameworks solution offers employees a transparent view of their career opportunities and empowers them to influence their career progression. In addition, it ensures your organization has a full pipeline of ready talent and the ability to direct the best talent to the most critical roles.

Engage Employees With Intuitive Communication Technology


To help employees better understand their career progression, we offer a series of intuitive communication products, including:

  • First-of-its-kind, employee-centric Mercer Career View technology solution that details career paths. 
  • Belong portal, which offers a more customized, interactive experience that can encompass career, health, and wealth management.
  • “Plug and play” click-and-explore tool that helps bring careers to life. Reach out to a Mercer consultant to learn more about this solution.

The Future Starts Now

By effectively communicating your employee value proposition to staff, senior leadership, and other stakeholders, our Career Frameworks solution can help you make the most of your most valuable asset: your people.

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