Focus on the employee experience


In today’s ever-growing technological environment, it is becoming increasingly important to provide an optimized engagement model for your organization. By configuring your ServiceNow employee experience to your company’s unique needs, you can help human resources, line managers, and employees more quickly resolve issues and more easily access information regarding your rewards program from wherever they are.

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The employee engagement model is the future of work. It is not only important to invest in technology but also to invest in your people. Studies have shown that organizations increase profitability, innovation, and customer satisfaction through a positive employee experience.
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Our approach


Mercer approaches your ServiceNow implementation and the way you interact with your employees through the lens of your unique business needs and environment. We configure the powerful set of ServiceNow capabilities to help you maximize your return on investment and build your organizational resilience, including:


  • ServiceNow Knowledge Management
  • ServiceNow Document Management
  • ServiceNow Virtual Agent
  • ServiceNow Crisis Communications
  • Cloud-based Technology for Remote Operations
  • Mercer HR expertise

Revolutionize your team’s work experience

Learn how Mercer and ServiceNow work together to provide value and improve productivity.

How we help


Because Mercer understands both the people and business side of technology, we can look around corners and see potential choke points or organizational pitfalls. We can help you to improve the entire process of designing, configuring, and deploying your ServiceNow HR service delivery (HRSD) platform – for today and for any future events that might stress your infrastructure.


Our expertise can help you to successfully automate more of your workflow, ease ServiceNow deployment and adoption, and immediately realize more value from your ServiceNow employee service center. We help:

Improve your processes and automate workflows


Mercer has deep expertise in ServiceNow HR service delivery and cloud-based HR technology. We offer a fire-tested HRSD plan and transformation roadmap. Bid farewell to long call wait times, unsuccessful resolutions, and inefficient communications or HR files/records management.

Lift the burden on your HR team


By designing your ServiceNow Document Management and ServiceNow Knowledge Management for your company and total rewards needs, we can shift routine HR support away from your team, giving them more time to focus on critical tasks and employee needs.

Increase adoption and decrease learning curves


ServiceNow can deliver a consumer-grade experience that will also more quickly onboard employees. We help design an optimal setup to meet the unique needs of your organization through design, critical change management and communications, and by increasing adoption.

Improve employee experience


Provide employees with more ways to easily resolve questions and feel heard. ServiceNow helps your team directly express needs and solve issues in a more timely manner. This not only saves everyone time and effort, but also creates a more positive experience for your workforce.


Benefits of working with Mercer on ServiceNow HR service delivery

Your ServiceNow HR service delivery instance is a single, tailored-configured platform that allows managers and employees to manage, answer, and understand your employees’ experience. Properly implemented, it can help:


  • Ensure higher employee retention
  • Reduce tier 0 caseloads
  • Support easier onboarding for new employees
  • Streamline returning employees back to the workforce
  • Create a more positive employee experience
  • Improve your internal employer brand

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Mercer can ease your ServiceNow implementation, modernize with ServiceNow case management, and transform your operations and capabilities.

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