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  • Understanding which skills are needed in the future
  • Building a more agile organization
  • Identifying which employees to upskill
  • Getting pay-for-skills right

Get the insights you need to advance skills-based talent and pay practices in your organization with Mercer’s comprehensive suite of consulting, data, and technology services and applications.

Transform your workforce through skills-based talent practices

Transformation demands deconstructing jobs to units of skill and updating talent models so skills become the basis for defining work, deploying talent, managing careers and valuing employees.


Making the move from jobs to skills affects how you approach workforce planning, reskilling/upskilling, performance management, your internal talent marketplace, succession planning, pay, performance management and talent acquisition.


Attract and retain critical talent by advancing pay for skills

Set up your organization for a successful future by implementing a robust skills strategy. By proactively filling skills gaps and paying for the skills most important to your organization, your team will become more agile, flexible and future-proof.


Balance your short-term tactical needs with longer-term transformational objectives with these flexible products under Mercer Skills-Edge Suite — Skills Library, Skills Pricer and Skills Pay Planner.


Benefits of a skill-based talent and rewards model

Understand the
skills needed to support
your future strategy

Re-envision your talent
to meet
business demand

Build a healthy and resilient talent ecosystem, with skills as the currency of the new model

Is your organization ready to advance skills-based practices?


Take this diagnostic to assess the maturity of skills structures and reskilling processes in your organization, identify areas of opportunities and get tips on next steps immediately!


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