Assess the maturity of your organization’s human capital management

Identify human capital management related risks

Prioritize actions to maximize the return on your human capital investments

Create an actionable roadmap with the HC Blueprint Creator™


People form the core of every organization. Yet, over 65% of executives today feel their company’s ability to mitigate people risks are not effective, as outlined in Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends Survey.

Strong human capital management matters more than ever to the C-Suite and is closely linked to turning challenges in the market, technology and people into opportunities.


of HR leaders said that their business executives prioritize human capital risks

Assessing your Human Capital Management

Mercer’s  Human Capital Management (HCM) Compass is an innovative assessment model that allows organizations to obtain a 360 degrees view of their human capital management capabilities. 

The compass not only enables the executive leadership team to understand the alignment between their HCM practices and business strategy but also provides an actionable roadmap, prioritized based on return on investment, with the HC Blueprint Creator™.

HCM Compass provides in-depth human capital insights and a dynamic dashboard


Dimensions assessed


Parameters evaluated

Chart: Organization Design & Governance

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