Timely insights, specialist advice and investment solutions can help investors build a robust and resilient portfolio that is prepared for whatever the future may hold. We work with a wide range of institutional investors around the world to help them understand and manage investment risks, identify and capture opportunities and implement tailored strategies that are positioned to help meet their overall objectives. We provide the latest research and thinking to help employers and pension plans, not for profits, wealth managers, family offices and insurers make informed decisions, faster. We offer advice to help convert insights into actionable outcomes, including actuarial and investment consulting. We build bespoke investment solutions that are tailored to our clients’ individual needs, enabling them to face the future with confidence.

How we help clients address these challenges

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Mercer provides tools, advice and innovative solutions to help investors manage risks, capture opportunities and position portfolios to deliver on overall investment objectives.
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Tools and research


Having access to the latest insights, trends, analytics and manager research can help you make informed decisions, faster. We ensure our clients have the latest updates at their fingertips through our global investment research and the MercerInsight® manager research platform.


Specialist advice


Speaking to a specialist can help you identify effective ways to convert insights into achievable, desired outcomes. We not only advise our clients on strategies, but also on asset allocation, portfolio construction, responsible investing and risk management.


Investment solutions


Implementing an investment solution can help you cut costs, reduce risk, use fewer resources and build resilient portfolios. We partner with clients to design a complete risk and governance solution, providing access to highly rated managers and lower costs.


Investment Solutions could give you a Governance Advantage


“A governance advantage enables our clients to access timely information, respond quickly and make effective decisions. This helps them to manage risk and capture emerging opportunities. Good governance underpins everything we do as an investment partner.”



24/7 Access digital, customizable intellectual capital


Mercer’s Strategic Research Community


Our institutional investor platform hosts a selection of strategic research from Mercer and other industry leading publishers, and customizes it to help you unearth opportunities more efficiently.


Leveraging our scale to deliver efficiencies

Leveraging our scale to delive


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