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Has your equity Investment Manager delivered its target factor exposure? Has it changed over time? How does it compare to its peers?

MercerInsight® Style Analytics Module enables holdings-based factor analysis for equity funds and comparison against Mercer curated peer groups.





Highlights of the Style Analytics Module:

  • Portfolio factor analyses on more than 4,500 equity portfolios each quarter
  • Analysis of a portfolio’s exposure and risk to sector, country, region and other factors
  • Comparison of portfolios to their benchmarks and to Mercer curated peer groups

Allowing you to:

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About Style Analytics®

Style Analytics® is the provider of industry standard factor and portfolio analysis, delivering objective and independent insights into markets, peers and portfolios.

Their independent factor analysis framework provides the right tools to help uncover and monitor factor exposures in an easy to interpret and accessible way. This gives investment professionals the transparency required to make educated investment decisions.