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Opening up a world of returns through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI has become a vital consideration for investors who are increasingly aiming to align their portfolios with their values. At the same time, evidence is mounting to show how considering a range of views, backgrounds and experience can help achieve long-term sustainable returns, as well as stay in line with the direction in which business is heading. Research shows that about a third of women-owned and minority-owned private equity firms are top quartile performers among private equity firms overall.*

Our recent whitepaper explores ways to design, action and implement an approach that embraces DEI across private markets. It elevates investment possibilities by shining a light on groups that may have been historically underrepresented in investments. Discover all our intellectual capital on how we believe we can help transform asset management, one individual at a time, on our “Power of change” page.

Inclusion and Diversity at Mercer: leading the change we want to see

A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture makes us stronger as an organization and improves the quality of our work. According to data, diverse teams also deliver greater economic success.**


By understanding value and leveraging the strengths of all colleagues, we hold a differentiating advantage. Diverse teams generate richer discussions, more innovative ideas and bigger impact than teams where everyone is the same. Explore more details about Mercer’s Diversity and Inclusion action plan which highlights our approach, strategy and actions, and commitments.

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