Investing in perpetuity

From large, global foundations to small, family-run endowments, Mercer supports more than 250 not-for-profit organizations design portfolios targeting better investment outcomes, while keeping them in control.

We help organizations strike the right balance between risk and potential returns, with an unflinching eye for reducing costs. There are no hidden charges; we do what we do for a simple, straightforward fee.

Sustainable investing for the long term

We can implement a not-for-profit organization’s own strategy, using our institutional-standard global operational platform to access a wide global range of investments. Our experienced teams can formulate a long-term, diversified portfolio of managers and asset classes to help meet an organization’s specific objectives.

Mercer’s dedicated sustainable investment team can also guide ESG policy development, exploring risks and opportunities that could significantly impact portfolios. We conduct rigorous oversight to ensure managers are sticking to their claims on ESG to protect from reputational damage connected to a sector or company.

Fulfilling big goals

Mercer is dedicated to helping endowments and foundations not only realize higher risk-adjusted returns but also fulfill a higher mission. We want our clients to stay in control of their portfolio and feel confident they have a plan in place designed to weather whatever lies ahead.

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