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How We Make a Difference

Mercer’s Delegated Solutions are provided to a broad range of institutional investors including pension funds, endowments and foundations as well as other investors. Delegated Solutions combines customized strategic asset allocation advice with a robust multi-manager investment structure. Mercer’s team of experts provides continuous portfolio oversight through a disciplined, well-documented governance process.

Some clients look to Mercer for not just advice, but also to implement our investment ideas on their behalf. Solutions range from the construction of single asset class or diversified portfolios based on Mercer’s global manager research to the full implementation of a long-term strategic plan.

Mercer begins with understanding where you are today regarding  the liabilities or spending plan being supported and investment features, what your ultimate objectives are, and how we can develop a strategy to help meet your goals. 

Strategic Investment Advice and Portfolio Construction

By working with Mercer our clients’ Investment Committees are able to focus on important strategic issues, retaining control of their investment strategies, while delegating the time-consuming manager selection and implementation responsibilities to Mercer’s dedicated multi-manager investment team. Services include:

  • Comprehensive investment consulting service including  annual formal strategic asset allocation review
  • Portfolio construction
  • Research, selection, and monitoring of investment managers
Portfolio Implementation and Fund Management

Delegated Solutions presents opportunities to access Mercer’s vast economies of scale enabling you to benefit from greater investment diversification and lower investment manager fees. By choosing this investment model, you would work with Mercer to proactively implement your investment strategy across a range of specialist investment managers. Our experts then effectively act alongside the investment committee with respect to the hiring, oversight and replacement of investment managers. 

  • Investment operational services including cash flow management, re-balancing and portfolio monitoring
  • Comprehensive tailored reporting and a dedicated partnership team to provide proactive client servicing including audit support.
How Mercer can help

Mercer helps you address certain governance pressures by delegating some of your investment decisions and their implementation to a team of seasoned professionals at Mercer. You always retain full control over your strategic asset mix decisions. And the offering is flexible in that our clients can fully delegate manager selection or retain control over manager selection and create customized solutions with our support.

Plan sponsors have limited time and resources to deal with the operational challenges of a fast-moving market environment and cumbersome compliance regulations. Many also do not meet frequently enough to identify, react, and capitalize on marketplace opportunities. 

Delegated investment services address these barriers while also providing the following benefits:

  • A robust governance structure that frees up time to focus on more strategic decisions, such as asset mix policy
  • Exposure to new asset classes to reduce risk
  • Greater cost certainty — you receive comprehensive services for one all-in fee
  • Improved management of risk
  • Ability to swiftly act on new investment opportunities

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