Planning for tomorrow with Mercer Future Wise™, a delegated defined contribution solution

In Canada, the shift toward defined contribution (DC) and savings plans continues, with more Canadians relying on retirement savings through DC arrangements. This cultural shift creates new opportunities and challenges — as well as new risks and responsibilities. But the DC landscape in Canada has been slow to evolve, leaving plan members more vulnerable to poor advice, low-quality investment options and high fees that can significantly reduce income at retirement.

Many plan sponsors struggle to find the necessary resources and expertise to help engage employees in their savings journey while supporting their transition to retirement. And increasingly complicated aspects of DC plan governance leave them with little time to take a more strategic approach to DC plan success.

You make the decisions — We’ll handle the details

Mercer can lighten your administrative burden. Mercer Future Wise™, a delegated defined contribution solution, provides you with a full suite of DC services — from portfolio management to plan design and fee negotiation —leaving control of strategic decisions in your hands. With Mercer managing your day-to-day plan governance, you’re free to focus on broader plan strategy.

Better outcomes for you and your employees

Partnering with Mercer gives you access to high-quality governance and best-in-class risk mitigation and management services. You’ll enjoy fee transparency — with both cost savings and increased services — and attain economies of scale by pooling your assets with other employers.

Our solution also benefits your employees, providing access to holistic financial planners at no additional cost, financial wellness solutions to help them personalize their savings goals and quality investments difficult to access in the marketplace today. And Mercer offers your employees the same level of support and competitive fees as they transition into retirement and beyond.

Leverage our strengths: Global reach, global expertise, global scale

With over $200B in delegated assets under management1 around the world, Mercer is well-equipped to manage your DC plan and boost your employees’ financial wellness. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing delegated DC support — currently to more than 500 clients, with more assets under management than the entire DC Canadian market combined — and our global research team has a proven track record of advising clients on investment manager selection.

Put our experience and expertise to work for you and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your plan is well managed while your employees pursue a more comfortable future.

1 The assets under management data reported here include aggregate data for Mercer Investment Management, Inc. and its affiliated fiduciary management businesses globally as of September 11, 2017.

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