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Investment solutions provide a complete governance framework for Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans. From designing bespoke, outcome-based investment strategies to nimbly shifting portfolios to seize opportunities, our DB pension plan clients benefit from Mercer’s heritage, skill and scale. Building on more than seven decades of providing bespoke financial advice to organizations of all types and sizes, our global strategy team continually bolsters its in-depth knowledge across all asset classes and investment themes.

Mercer’s global approach to defined benefit plans

We have the world’s largest proprietary institutional investment manager database of more than 6,700 investment managers and more than $7T of subscriber assets*. Our leading position also empowers us to push down on manager fees and engage with them on strategy and performance questions. Running our portfolio management systems in-house also enables us to flex towards protection or opportunities efficiently, depending on our market outlook.

The size of Mercer’s operations means we can dynamically expand the team to bring the right specialists to bear on your organization’s specific issues. Whether it’s our global asset allocation specialists to handle big-picture strategic issues or our regional experts to handle local regulations, we’re able to provide solutions that scale to your needs.

Managing current and future risks

Our investment solutions give pension funds the tools and the confidence to tackle what lies ahead and to meet their objectives. At the same time, a deep understanding of the drivers of liability values and changes is critical to managing total pension risk. Our dedicated pension risk team and broad actuarial experience offer you truly comprehensive solutions.

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* Source: Mercer, as at 31 December 2019 in USD dollars.

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