Lloyd Wright, CA, CPA

Leadership Profile

Lloyd Wright, CA, CPA

Wealth Planning Consultant

Planning your future peace of mind     

Lloyd’s mission is to help clients and ensure their future peace of mind. There are a number of factors that need to be addressed and coordinated, but it all starts with the clients, and what they want their wealth plan to look like. Lloyd believes in teamwork as he works with other counsellors to help set realistic and achievable goals for his clients.  He looks at certain key factors such as taxes, corporate structuring, whether their interest costs are deductible and many other items, and offers advice to help clients achieve their goals.  Lloyd is a CA and CPA, and has worked in public practice for over 30 years helping people meet their needs.         

Toronto Office
120 Bremner Boulevard, Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5J 0A8

Telephone: +1 647 438 8218    


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