Through expert interviews and conversation, we aim to help families flourish in their long-term financial decision-making. To that end, we discuss the wide array of issues that influence successful financial planning, from building a family’s knowledge about investing, tax management and estate planning to living a healthy and active life with ageing. 




Latest episodes



Buying and Selling A Professional Practice

September 2022


Join us while we welcome Timothy Brown, CEO & broker of record at ROI Corporation to discuss the issues associated with buying and selling a professional practice.

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Becoming a Caregiver with Sandy Sereda

July 2022


Join us as we welcome Sandy Sereda, the Executive Director from Caregivers Alberta to discuss how can we help our loved ones while maintaining our own physical, mental and financial health.

Sandy’s experience and success makes her well qualified to answer such questions as: 

  • What are the financial and health impacts of being a caregiver?
  • How can we best prepare to help our ageing relatives or friends?
  • How can we plan ahead for our own care options, such as long-term care or ageing at home?
  • What resources are available to help us navigate the health care system?

Retirement Research with Wade Pfau

June 2022


Join us as we welcome Wade Pfau the program director of the Retirement Income Certified Professional® to discuss his work as a retirement researcher and how evolving retirement research can impact investors.

Topics include:

•     The evolution of retirement planning and research

•     Traditional financial plans that model out a 30 or 40 year retirement

•     Comparing the risk of underspending in retirement to longevity risk

•     Help for retirees approaching end-of-life or long-term care costs

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