Why Mercer for wealth management?


Your financial circumstances and goals are unique. Our private wealth counsellors understand that, and it drives our wealth management approach.  We've integrated wealth planning, investment management, and financial advice to provide you with a holistic service informed by our institutional research and know-how. This sets Mercer apart from many other wealth management providers. We provide the bigger picture. 


Solutions that work harder for you


You need both peace of mind and discipline to achieve your financial objectives. We’ll put to work proven, research-based,  wealth management solutions that balance risk with consistent returns, creating opportunities in various market conditions.


Mercer private wealth makes it personal


Our team of private wealth counsellors are here to  focus entirely on your needs. You can count on your own committed professional to continually provide insightful thinking, helpful guidance, and efficient execution.


A network of counsellors and resources


Sophisticated investors like you require the highest levels of expertise. Mercer Private Wealth offers customized, premium advice with far-ranging investment and research capabilities delivered by a network of seasoned professionals.


Using a coordinated approach to wealth management, Mercer counsellors offer you the big picture and set the stage for long-term success. Your journey with us begins with:

Contact a Mercer Private Wealth Counsellor.


Mercer’s private wealth services in Canada are delivered by Mercer Global Investments Canada Limited.