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Mercer Marketplace™ Private Health Exchange Solution

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Mercer Marketplace™

There’s A Simpler, More Cost-Effective Option For Employee Benefits

Health care costs are rising around the globe, forcing organizations of all types to take a close look at their benefits programs. Adopting a private health exchange is an increasingly popular way of mitigating this rapid inflation.

Mercer Marketplace™ is a private exchange solution developed for US organizations  that wish to strengthen employee engagement, reduce costs, and simplify their benefits administration. Mercer offers the largest range of benefits products and carrier options available—a true marketplace for benefits. 

One Place for All Health and Voluntary Benefits

Through Mercer’s private benefits exchange, employers are building high-performance cultures and top employment brands by offering employees a comprehensive suite of health and benefits options — more than 20 types of benefits with multiple options. 

Mercer Marketplace is quickly growing in customer satisfaction rate, client companies, and lives touched. We now serve more than 300 companies in the US with an anticipated 1.5 million eligible employees, family members, and retirees.

Delivering Real-World Savings

"Why are organizations increasingly choosing this solution for their benefits strategy? Mercer Marketplace reduces year-to-year health care cost increases and saves organizations money while offering their employees greater choice.* Companies that switched to Mercer Marketplace saw medical plans savings of up to 15% in the first year."

Greater Employee Choice Equals Greater Engagement

Choosing health benefits is confusing and frustrating to many employees. That’s why Mercer developed user-friendly tools and live support to help your people make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Employees with questions can simply call our call center, where a licensed benefits counselor will address all questions and concerns. In fact, Mercer call center counselors have earned a 96% customer satisfaction rate due to our commitment to helping your employees fully understand and select the benefits they need most. In turn, that means your people are more satisfied with their benefits, their job, and their employer.

*Legal Disclaimer: Information provided here is not intended to convey any guarantees as to your actual cost savings if you choose Mercer Marketplace. Results may vary depending on the options selected by a client.

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