Healthcare innovation is changing how organizations design and deliver employee benefits. To remain competitive, your organization requires a benefit strategy that enables you to proactively meet your diverse employee needs while managing your costs and reducing risk.

We understand that providing relevant health benefits for each unique employee’s needs is challenging. In response, we have developed innovative solutions that provide your employees with choice and personalization. These solutions are flexible and cost-effective for employers.

Mercer Marsh Benefits™ manages over $5 billion in benefits premium in Canada. Our proven expertise, leading innovation, and established vendor relationships will deliver employee benefits that fit your organization’s evolving needs.

Why Mercer? – Mercer manages more benefits premiums than any other broker in Canada

You want to work with a proven, trusted market leader. By working with Mercer Marsh Benefits, you benefit from our established, productive relationships by obtaining the best possible pricing and service. Our expertise extends beyond vendor/provider relationships to all aspects of your benefits design including:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Governance
  • Marketing and Vendor Selection
  • Streamlined Administration
  • Benchmarking
  • Employee Engagement

In addition to a custom design specific to your organization, we help you with the delivery of your plan to your workforce. From technology to employee communications, we ensure you are meeting your employees' expectations and managing risk and cost.

Total Health Management – A Holistic Approach

Employee wellbeing includes the physical, mental, financial and social aspects of their lives - at work and beyond. This holistic approach to supporting your employees’ health through benefit design requires a total health management solution.

We take a strategic approach, supported by data-driven insights. Total Health Management proactively supports your employees’ wellbeing - and meets your financial objectives. You can improve employee engagement, increase workforce performance and lower your benefit costs.

Helping you with delivery and ongoing management is also part of our total health management solution. Mercer 365™ is a digital portal that gives your employees easy, one-stop access, 365 days a year, to all the health, wellbeing and lifestyle benefits they need to become healthier and more engaged.

Innovation Labs

Are you trying to stay informed about the rapidly evolving healthcare market- and the impact on your employee benefits? Our Innovation Lab is your resource for understanding trends in healthcare innovation, leading digital health products and new vendors and providers. We simplify this complex ecosystem to help you make the right decisions for your organization’s evolving needs.

We help you evaluate emerging opportunities including:

  • Virtual healthcare networks
  • Genetic risk assessments
  • Nutrition / sleep management
  • Mental health resiliency resources
  • Family and elder care specialists

Specialized Employee Benefits – Target Your Efforts to Improve Workplace Health with Specialized Employee Benefits

Drug Consulting

You can make informed decisions when you understand your cost drivers for drug claims. We perform a comprehensive audit of your drug claims and provide fact-based recommendations to help you manage your costs. Beyond compliance and renewal of your plan, we can also identify opportunities to modernize your drug plans including a review of specialty drugs and generics.

Benefits for Your Retirees

Less than 30% of employers offer retiree benefits due to financial pressure and lack of HR resources. Yet there’s a significant aging workforce in need of coverage as they approach retirement age.

We have designed a suite of health, travel and life insurance benefits that can be tailored to your retirees’ needs. We work with our preferred providers, manage the administration and provide oversight on delivering relevant and affordable benefits to your retirees.

Post-Retiree Benefits and Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Maintaining a good relationship with your employees, particularly during some of the most challenging transitions, is important to you. We offer benefits consulting for employees leaving your workforce including:

  • Reduction-in-force
  • Corporate merger or acquisition
  • Employees no longer in your full employ
  • Retiree population needing post-retiree benefits

We help manage your employee transitions responsibly in these areas:

  • De-risking strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Collective bargaining and negotiations support
  • Sensitivity analysis of liabilities and costs

Global Benefits

Your global organization requires global benefits management. We provide oversight, coordination and tracking of employee benefits activities and costs. Our global presence means we can source competitive benefits for you at the local level and deliver efficiencies associated with global coverage.

Special Risk Solutions

We design employee benefits plans for even the most high-risk occupations or employee circumstances, such as the need to travel on business to war risk zones. We have diverse specialty risk solutions for:

  • Expatriates
  • International and domestic students
  • Programs for universities, colleges and private schools

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