Creating employee wellness strategies with empathy

We can all agree that the last 2 years have been nothing like any of us would have imagined. For employers especially, it has crystallized the realization that employee wellbeing is critical to business success. With this empathic attitude, employers are re‑evaluating the health and benefits they are providing.

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55% of employers are redefining their workplace wellness strategy during these times.1
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Employers need to ensure their health and benefits programs are equal and inclusive.2 But what does that mean? By creating expansive employee wellness strategies, employers are addressing the gaps and disparities in healthcare, wellbeing and financial protection of all employees, including under-represented groups. They are also offering a wide spectrum of support that allows employees to create their personalized wellness journeys that are as individual as they are.

Three things to do now:

  1. Start to focus on employee experiences.
    It's increasingly critical to understand that employee experiences include their digital interactions. As such, the digital interface with your employee benefits program must be easy - easy to navigate and easy to use on any device. Enhancing the employee experience requires you to look broadly at your strategies for health, wellbeing and flexibility. Incorporating these strategies into your company’s culture will help support employees in prioritizing their wellness.
  2. Accelerate your workplace wellness strategy by outsourcing non-core activities.
    Identifying and vetting multiple vendors can be time-consuming when more critical strategies and tasks are a priority. Working with experts to create or improve your workplace wellness strategy, like the experts in Mercer Marsh Benefits, can save you time and money.
  3. Control costs with fixed budget expenditures.
    If you can get many aspects of your benefit plan costs under control, and off your plate, you can confidently allocate your scarce resources to future-focused priorities.

The Mercer 365 digital wellness program could be a perfect fit for your wellness strategy.

Going digital with wellness

Did you know that 93% of employees have a willingness to use digital health solutions?3

2020 was the year that virtual health took flight. With access to our regular doctors and other healthcare providers curtailed, people and practitioners went online. No longer an after-thought, digital health became the norm. Facetime® visits with your doctor, Zoom calls with your physio or mental therapist helped people get support and stay connected during lockdowns. Often as effective, if not more so, the flexibility of adopting this new way of engaging healthcare professionals is here to stay. Digital acceptance and ease of use will continue to grow and improve as tech and health companies continue to invest in the new digital health future.

Too many choices

With more tech start ups and bricks and mortar companies joining an already crowded online marketplace, keeping up-to-date with the best health applications is almost impossible. Just searching for online fitness classes can return over 4.6 billion results. Going online also expands your possibilities beyond just Canadian companies to include global options. It’s a daunting task - especially if you are sourcing multiple suppliers to fulfill your workplace wellness strategy. The Mercer Marsh Benefits team does this for you with the power and breadth of our global expertise. Wellness offerings are identified, vetted and negotiated with the power of Mercer Marsh Benefits.

So what does employee wellness cover?

A strong corporate wellness strategy, needs to address the entire individual.


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