It's about relationships

Social wellness encompasses far more than “being social”. It refers to the relationships you have and how you interact within them. As human beings, we are social creatures and social wellness is an important part of your overall health.


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54% of Canadians feel lonely or isolated during the pandemic.1
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A troubling statistic

Although the pandemic may soon be behind us, experts warn that it might take longer to get over the feelings of loneliness and isolation. The social anxiety of re-connecting after months of being isolated is being identified by pop culture and experts alike.2 People can even feel disengaged and lonely in a crowded room.

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Connections matter

Connections in our community can help employees feel a sense of belonging, as well as get the support they need. Mercer 365™ provides the tools to help your employees get involved with different charities to strengthen those beneficial community connections.

Birds of a feather

Even employees with a strong personal support network can find themselves feeling isolated and alone when facing chronic health issues. By connecting with organizations that specialize in creating and supporting a sense of community, an employee can create meaningful relationships with support groups and staff alike.

Helping feels great

Whether volunteering or offering financial support, your employees can benefit from the opportunities to create relationships with like-minded people while helping others.


Being able to address stress is critical to maintaing social wellness as your employees return to the workplace and renegotiate relationships. Mindfulness training is usually thought of as a tool to support mental wellness - and it is. However, just as physical health can affect all aspects of wellness, so can mental and social wellness. Mindfulness helps to create a sense of work/life balance and allows employees to have better relationships both inside and outside of work.

Work/life balance

Balancing our lives is often difficult and many people need additional resources at various times in their lives. Advice and resources about eldercare, childcare, career and legal issues3 can be the help that employees need. This supports interpersonal relationships as employees advance on their own journey of social wellness. Mercer 365 provides these services for free or at a discount.

The Mercer 365 digital wellness program could be a perfect fit for your company’s wellness strategy.

Always evolving

Your workplace wellness strategy needs to address the entire individual.


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