Employee physical wellness may be broader than you think

Positive physical wellness is very much defined uniquely by each individual.  There is an interrelation between physical health and other areas of wellness, such as mental and social wellness.


When employers and employees think of health, obvious choices come to mind: being fit, going to the doctor regularly for annual check ups and eating right. Good health is much broader than that and includes good sleeping behaviour, normal hormone levels, and the ability to fight off disease and illness.  And for some, good health comes with coping with chronic illness or pain.


Every employee may wish to focus on different elements of their physical wellness and may very well change that focus over time.  It's critically important to offer them resources to help whenever they are needed.

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57% of employees want support from their employer to get fit and healthy, yet only 23% feel supported.1
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Call the doctor

The ability to talk to medical professionals (nurses, pharmacists, dieticians etc) immediately upon identifying a concern can be key to navigating the right way to handle that concern quickly. It may be nothing, but being able to identify when a doctor or specialist visit is required can speed up treatment and recovery. As more and more Canadians struggle to find a primary physician, having a resource that lists Canadian practitioners coast to coast can be invaluable to employees and their families. The Mercer 365™ digital platform offers both of these services plus more.

Getting and staying fit

Getting fit and staying fit is a journey in itself. With personalized automated fitness journeys that allow employees to individually customize their goals, our fitness provider not only offers live group sessions, but one-on-one training too. Did an employee overdo it? Virtual physiotherapy, as well as hundreds of therapeutic programs and body health content can improve fitness levels while keeping employees healthy.

The starting point

The Mercer 365 digital platform offers a number of assessment tools to help your employees identify their own starting point on the journey towards physical wellbeing. Health risk assessments, fitness assessments as well as a sleep health assessment all help identify any current issues and strategies for improvement. Digital health coaches, personal and group challenges, personal trainers, reading materials, and sleep guidance are all available so each employee can determine the breadth and speed of their wellness journey.

The Mercer 365 digital wellness program could be a perfect fit for your wellness strategy.

Always evolving

With a number of physical wellness programs available to you, the Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) team continuously evaluates the marketplace and new vendor entrants so as to evolve the Mercer 365 platform. The platform provides user-friendly communications to keep your employees engaged and up to date. You'll have access to robust reporting to evaluate employee usage and interests. After you purchase the Mercer 365 digital solution, you won't be alone: we will continue to work with you to help make it a success.

Your workplace wellness strategy needs to address the entire individual.


1 Thomsons Online Benefits’ Global Employee Benefits Watch 2018/19 Report.

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