It’s complicated.

Mental health issues are on the rise both in Canada and globally. Supporting employee mental health is complicated and challenging. This is exacerbated by inadequate mental health benefits and resources for employers to better serve their employees. Human resource professionals and people managers must work together to find solutions that provide mental illness resources to employees proactively and reactively.

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Almost 2/3’s of employees have experienced a mental health issue due to work.2
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Employee emotional wellbeing is rapidly rising to the top of the agenda for many employers with companies across Canada recognizing the need for a comprehensive workplace wellness strategy. Those that had previously taken a passive approach to supporting employee health and wellbeing are now proactively creating workplace wellness programs that support all aspects of employee wellness, including mental health.

Taking care of mental wellbeing

The Mercer 365 digital platform has a variety of mental wellness activities to help your employees. Employees can access the platform from any digital device. From their digital device, employees can access the all-in-one platform whether at work, at home, or on the go.

The list of mental health activities, tools and resources includes:

  • Skill building programs designed for employees dealing with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress
  • Guided and self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy programs for employees wishing to be more mindful and more relaxed3
  • Tailored programs for younger employees (under 29) to support them in building resiliency and capacity and tackle age-related challenges
  • Stress management activities and education for employees, teams and groups

The Mercer 365 digital wellness program could be a perfect fit for your company’s wellness strategy.

So what does employee wellness cover?

A strong corporate wellness strategy, needs to address the entire individual.


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3 Extra costs may be incurred. Some benefit programs will cover these costs.

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