Get excited about financial wellness.

While employees may see certain aspects of financial wellness as a chore, employers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of helping their employees achieve their financial goals and decrease their financial stress. A great place to start is with a financial education program.

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44% of Canadians say it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their pay is late.1
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Living paycheque to paycheque

Financial wellness means feeling financially secure in both the short and long term. Financial stress, when employees are not feeling secure in meeting their current and future obligations, causes a myriad of issues. Many employers make the mistake of equating above-average income with financial security. However, financial stress can affect employees at all income levels. Whether it is managing household expenses, dealing with household debt levels, or struggling to save for short term or long term goals, financial stress can take a toll on physical and mental wellness.

Impact at work

Financial stress can distract employees from other things that matter, both personally and professionally. By supporting financial wellness with training, tools and resources, employers can support employees build financial confidence.

Better mental, physical and social wellness

Reducing anxiety and stress surrounding personal financial matters can lead to improved relationships, better emotional health and increased energy. Unchecked levels of financial stress can cause sleep problems, illnesses, and affect mental health. A holistic approach to employee wellness, including financial wellness, helps all facets of an employee's wellness journey.

Higher employee productivity

Financial stress can impair problem solving abilities and cause irritability. It may also impact sleep that then in turn impacts productivity, capacity and interpersonal relationships with other employees.

Increased employee confidence

Employees who have created their own individualized financial wellness journey can build confidence in identifying and reaching their financial goals. These goals might include saving for a mortgage, children’s education, retirement or the next big trip. Being able to confidently map out goals and progress towards meeting them helps financial planning seem less overwhelming and manageable.

Financial wellness resources in the Mercer 365™ digital platform

Mercer has been able to negotiate significantly discounted rates that are not only passed onto you the employer and your employees. Personal one-to-one fitness programs, therapy, wellness vendors (gyms, food delivery), will preparation, pet and retiree insurance are just some examples of what is offered.

Mercer 365 digital wellness program could be a perfect fit for your company’s wellness strategy.

You workplace wellness strategy needs to address the entire individual.


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