Today’s workforce is diverse and your organization has its own set of unique benefits needs. An effective employee benefits plan can:

  • support your efforts to attract and retain talent
  • boost workforce health and wellbeing
  • increase employee engagement

We know that to be effective, benefits must be tailored to your organization's needs. And when this happens, you can successfully drive employee engagement and improve cost and risk management.

We understand that the benefits landscape is constantly evolving - and so are your employees' expectations. Our consultants have the expertise and innovative thinking needed to help you develop a new, more targeted and modernized health benefits plan. We work with you to:

  • align your employee benefits with your organization's objectives and culture
  • secure and manage the best vendors to meet your specific needs
  • design benefits beyond the traditional Life, Disability, Health and Dental to include emerging digital providers
  • introduce flexible benefits such as Health Spending/Wellness Accounts
  • drive employee engagement with their benefits

We help you design benefits beyond the traditional Life, Disability, Health and Dental to include emerging digital providers.

Choose the leader in managing employee benefits premiums

Did you know Mercer Marsh Benefits™ manages more benefits premium than any other broker in Canada? You benefit from our established, productive relationships by obtaining the best possible pricing and service. Our expertise extends beyond vendor/provider relationships to all aspects of your benefits design including:

  • Regulatory compliance and governance: Staying informed and ensuring compliance for your organization can be demanding and time consuming. Our consultants help you to understand changing conditions and evaluate compliance requirements, saving you time and reducing your risk.
  • Marketing and vendor selection: You don't have to know the employee benefits vendor market - we do that for you. We help you select proven vendors that meet the specific needs of your workforce and align with your organization's philosophy and goals.
  • Streamlined administration: Your employee benefits plan administration can be a burden for you. We minimize that burden by recommending, implementing and managing technology that will change how you deliver your employee benefits. Our digital health approach can help you simplify vendor relationships, manage costs and drive employee engagement which improves wellbeing and productivity in your workforce.
  • Benchmarking: How your benefits design compares to competing employers impacts your efforts to attract and retain the best talent in your industry. We make this critical link to current market practice easy for you. Our Plan Design Database is the largest of its kind in Canada. Our extensive data allows us to provide efficient benchmarking for your benefits design by industry, geography, workforce size, etc.
  • Expenses benchmarking: using our financial database, we can benchmark your vendors' expenses charges, ensuring the most competitive cost structure. And we eliminate the need for you to conduct costly market searches.
  • Employee engagement: You want voluntary benefits that provide personalization and choice factors that can increase your employees' engagement in their personal wellbeing. The impact on your organization can be increased productivity and the ability to attract and retain talent in a competitive market. We help you focus on benefits that drive employee engagement so your organization can benefit from improved workplace health.

Our expertise can save you time and reduce your costs

We manage more benefits premiums in Canada than any other consultant or broker. You can work with a leader to access our:

  • wide-reaching vendor network
  • extensive marketplace knowledge
  • relationships with local and national providers

You can obtain the best pricing and service working with Mercer Marsh Benefits. We help you secure competitive pricing for leading solutions so you can improve the quality and delivery of your employee benefits plan. You can manage your costs while enhancing your employee value proposition.

We support you with a full spectrum of benefits design tools and advice including:

  • the resources and tools you need for proactive and strategic decision-making related to your benefits
  • design and financial databases for benchmarking
  • our Innovation Lab to understand and access the rapidly changing benefits landscape
  • a global footprint so wherever you may expand abroad, your benefits are compliant, consistent, competitive and cost-effective

Designed with a focus on your organization's needs

Together we help you:

  • identify your goals
  • pinpoint your challenges
  • develop an employee benefits design tailored to meet your organization’s unique healthcare needs

In addition to a tailored design unique to your organization, we help you with the delivery of your plan to your workforce. From technology to employee communications, we cover the full range of options that ensure you are meeting your employees' expectations.

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