Transform the way you deliver health benefits. Mercer 365™ is a digital portal that gives employees easy, one-stop access, 365 days a year, to all the health, wellbeing and lifestyle benefits they need to become healthier and more engaged. You can now effectively address your employees’ diverse needs and improve workplace health, while managing cost and risk.

Introducing Mercer 365™

Create a culture of health in your workplace. Because people are the engine of your organization, cultivating a healthy and productive workforce is key to your business success.

The future of employee health benefits is active health management. This approach is a reversal of traditional benefits, which are reactionary, passive, and one‑size‑fits‑all. Don’t wait until you see a negative impact on premiums, productivity, or attendance to improve your employee benefits design. When you actively support the wellbeing of your employees, you encourage a more productive organization, which contributes towards better business results.

As often as weekly, new digital health products enter into the market. How do you stay up‑to‑date and informed? We have evaluated hundreds of vendors and assembled the best in class in each category on one platform—providing you with an all‑in‑one solution.

We’ve made it simple for you to enter into vendor partnerships by taking the work of research, negotiation, managing contracts and integrating with your systems off your plate.

A fixed per‑employee-per-month rate gives you the flexibility to customize your plan as the needs of your workforce change.

Promote wellbeing, productivity & presence at work

68% of employees say they want a pot of money to spend on personalized healthcare services to improve their wellbeing. 1 That’s the Mercer 365 model—providing employees with choice, personalization, and ongoing access to resources across a broad spectrum of needs.

Your employees can easily navigate your selection of vendors, with a retail-like user experience to “shop” for the services that fit their lifestyle. When it’s easy and personal, your employees are more likely to use their benefits to proactively manage all aspects of their own wellbeing.

Your employees can access Mercer 365 across all work and personal devices—including mobile—to have personal health management become part of their busy, connected lives.

Shift your mindset—from managing employee benefits to managing employee wellbeing

Factors such as stress, fitness, and financial security can impact employee engagement and performance. These concerns require innovative solutions beyond what’s traditionally included in basic employee health and dental coverage.

You can improve your employee wellbeing and engagement with benefits that provide holistic healthcare resources for a wide scope of needs—including physical, emotional, and financial health.

Mercer 365 is structured on these four pillars of wellbeing:

  1. Physical: Make it easy for your employees to address their physical health needs. Virtual access to healthcare professionals and a directory for finding local practitioners make seeing a healthcare professional less disruptive and remove an obstacle for maintaining good health. Also included are specialized health solutions that have an important influence on your employees’ physical health—such as sleep, diet, and genetics.
  2. Mental-Emotional: We’ve seen an increase in mental health awareness in society, and in the workplace as well. If unaddressed, poor mental health can impact your workplace with diminished productivity, increased spending on specialty drugs, and prolonged absences. Now you can offer your employees mental health services to address issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Provide resources including mindfulness and virtual access to therapy to promote resilience.
  3. Financial: Helping your employees prepare for the future is one way to promote a long-lasting, productive, and mutually-rewarding relationship with your organization. When you offer a selection of insurance programs, your employees can invest in financial security for their loved ones and for their future.
  4. Social: People feel their best when they help others and contribute to a purpose greater than themselves. You can include charitable programs on your benefits platform so that your employees can participate in improving others’ lives as they improve their own.

Boost employee engagement

It’s typical for employees to receive benefits communications only when they first begin work, when there are changes to their plan, or when they need to seek out information on how to use their benefits. 

Now you can share relevant benefits information with your employees when it matters most. You have the tools to actively communicate with your employees to keep information about their benefits top-of-mind. You can take a proactive approach to health management by delivering personalized, relevant, and timely information to keep employees engaged with managing their health.

Analytics for effective cost and risk management

You need information to identify opportunities for optimizing your benefits plan and managing costs. Mercer 365 has built-in data analytics to better understand which benefits your employees value the most. You can track trends in employee engagement and utilization of benefits to anticipate the impact on your costs and risk. Data empowers you with the insights to make informed decisions and measure the impact of employee benefits options on your business.

1Source: 2018, Thomson’s Online Benefit Survey

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