Stop managing employee benefits.
Start managing employee wellbeing.

A more holistic approach to employee wellbeing—one that includes physical, emotional, and financial health—is the future of benefits management. Your organization plays a big role in the lives of your employees. So it’s important to recognize that supporting your employees in leading healthy lifestyles contributes positively to your workplace—and your organization’s success.


Shifting from traditional, reactive benefits design and delivery to proactively supporting and engaging your workforce across all aspects of their wellbeing can:


  • Reduce your total benefits costs and risk
  • Maximize your employee engagement with their benefits
  • Give you an advantage in the competition for talent
  • Keep your employees healthy, productive, and at work
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Innovative benefits design

Healthcare is evolving rapidly – presenting you with exciting new opportunities to design and deliver better employee benefits. So how do you stay informed, understand the impact on your workforce and meet your cost and risk management goals?

Start by working with the industry leader. Mercer Marsh Benefits™ manages more benefits premiums in Canada than any other consultant or broker. For over 70 years, we have helped our clients manage their employee benefits design.

We provide you with strategic advice and benefits brokerage services to:

  • Identify and manage the cost drivers in your benefits plan structure
  • Simplify vendor selection and administration
  • Increase employee engagement with their benefits
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and governance
  • Meet special needs such as retiree benefits and global benefits management
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Digital solution: Mercer 365™

Mercer 365 is a digital portal that gives employees easy, one-stop access, 365 days a year, to all the health, wellbeing and lifestyle benefits they need to become healthier and more engaged.

We have reinvented the benefits experience for you and your employees with Mercer 365. For employers, our digital health platform centralizes and simplifies your benefits administration – making it easier for you to manage your multiple vendor partnerships.

For your employees, accessing and managing their employee benefits is streamlined and personalized to their individual needs. Mercer 365 offers employees flexible options and a great online user experience.

Here’s how Mercer 365 can change the way you design, deliver and manage your employee benefits:

  • Easy-to-navigate user experience, with a consistent look and feel across work and personal devices, including mobile
  • Wellness budget that gives your employees choice, while allowing you to manage the cost of your benefit plan
  • Ability to share relevant benefits information with your employees when it matters most, through notifications and alerts
  • Simplified vendor management, to relieve the burden on your administration


Benefits plan analytics

You can harness the power of analytics to make informed employee benefits decisions. Our plan design database is the largest of its kind in Canada.  We use the data and our suite of analytical tools to provide you with the custom information you need to monitor, compare, and evaluate your plan performance- and to make the best cost and risk decisions for your organization.

We work with you using a full range of analytical tools including:

  • Benchmarking
  • Forecasting
  • Drug Utilization Audits
  • Health and Dental Claims Audits


innovate to win


Innovation is driving healthcare transformation and we are at the forefront of the evolving employee benefits landscape. Our consultants understand the evolving trends and navigate the complex marketplace of emerging digital health providers for you.


You can leverage our knowledge and data to:


  • Understand the impact of wellbeing trends that are driving employee benefits choices
  • Simplify the expanding marketplace to select the best vendors for you
  • Discover digital solutions that can increase employee engagement and may reduce your plan costs

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