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The link between women’s participation in the workforce and economic growth has never been clearer. In our work with leading companies around the world, we’ve seen first hand the cost of businesses’ inability to secure, promote, and maximize their female talent.

It’s time to start thinking and acting differently - Mercer’s When Women Thrive diagnostic provides the data and insights to advance your strategy.  

About The Diagnostic: Your First Step On The Diversity Journey

  • Evaluate where you are on the diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey: Reaffirm, refine, or begin to build holistic D&I strategies.

  • Identify your highest priorities for immediate action: Recognize your most effective moves to attract, develop, and retain women.

  • Benchmark your organization: Your custom report benchmarks your responses, policies and programs against our global database of 600+ participants using Mercer's proven methodology.  

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