We are at a critical inflection point for women in society, as we find ourselves navigating broad and potentially game-changing conversations about how women are faring in the workplace and beyond. Everyone – investors, shareholders, board members, leaders, employees and customers – are aligning on this issue and paying attention like never before.



In Accelerating for Impact: 2018 Gender Inflection Point, we set out to further understand the drivers of female advancement and identify concrete steps organizations can take to change or improve their trajectories. The result is a holistic look at the future of women in the workforce - from the headwinds impeding progress, to the system accelerators that provide great hope for sustained improvement.


Making the changes necessary to advance gender equity in the organization takes commitment - and it takes time. When we began this work in our own organization and in others, we knew we were on a journey that would take years to show meaningful results. Although we are thrilled by the outcomes achieved by some, there is still a long way to go in order to truly help women thrive. So we must be visible, vocal and active in our impatience and we must persevere. 





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The current landscape and dynamics of gender diversity provide a unique opportunity and platform for organizations to make strides now. It will require:


  • Data and analytics that underlie and support all of the decision being made to advance women
  • Courageous leadership at all levels of the organization committed to helping women thrive
  • Holistic coordination and linkage across all aspects of the change effort to make sure they reinforce one another and accelerate progress




Assessing the linking mechanism in your organization across efforts that exist is key to driving and sustaining change. In this year’s research, in addition to the "how to" on advanced analytics, change management, programs and practices, we highlight the importance of creating an organizational structure that captures and connects otherwise disparate efforts. If the following are not linked or aligned to one another, you are missing the opportunity to effectively drive change: 


  • Advanced workforce analytics & strategy
  • Pay equity analyses and adjustment
  • Employee engagement
  • Benefit program design
  • Promotion practices
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Succession planning
  • High-potential and leadership programs
  • Training and development
  • Business Resource Groups


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