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Recession fears are high but what does it mean for equity markets?

June 2022

Join Rupert Watson, Head of Asset Allocation Europe and Rachel Volynsky, CIO Canada as they discuss the outlook for equities after significant falls this year.

The FED has faced criticism for being too slow to tighten financial conditions, and to not notice or appreciate what was happening to inflation. With a recession seeming inevitable for many, Rupert and Rachel discuss whether they think we are heading for a recession, but importantly whether it will be a deep or mild recession. With Equity markets having corrected this year and signalling a return towards fundamental valuations, we ask is there more to go and will the FED intervene?  Where can investors look for opportunities across developed markets, China and more broadly emerging markets.

Behind the scenes with Rich Nuzum at Davos

June 2022

Rich Nuzum, President of Investments & Retirement, Mercer discusses his perspectives coming away from Davos with International Head of Clients, Mark McNulty. Listen as Rich shares learnings and new ideas from meeting CEOs, governments, philanthropists, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs that could help tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.

Private markets and the $1tn data question

May 2022

Many investors lack significant experience of the private markets space and, therefore, require some understanding of how it fits into their portfolios.

In this episode, Amy Ridge is joined by Dr Ashby Monk, research director at Stanford University’s Long-Term Investing initiative, and Billy Charlton, Mercer’s global head of private markets data analytics & research, to discuss some of the biggest issues around private markets and what institutional investors should consider before putting their capital to work.

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