To create meaningful improvement in diversity and inclusion, organizations must take action. Workplace diversity is a strategy and a commitment that drives business success. Our recent perspective – When Women Thrive, Let’s Get Real About Equality – offers an evidence-based approach to diversity and inclusion. Giving employees the resources to advocate for themselves is one of the primary programmatic approaches that fosters a sense of belonging, particularly for women in the workplace.


Many organizations deploy business resource groups to support their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. One of their goals – promoting self-advocacy – is paramount to enabling women and diverse groups to speak up for themselves and make their voices heard.

Beyond inclusion, fostering a sense of ‘belonging’ entails taking stock of everyday business practices and reassessing them with your workforce diversity in mind – even the smallest decision needs to be rebalanced and reviewed.


Defining active measures to advance your culture of belonging is a crucial step. In addition to data and insights, Mercer offers your organization practical action plans to take to make true and lasting progress.

Below is an excerpt from the article published in the Canadian Investment Review:

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It’s sometimes the little things as well as the big things that can help to create that culture of, "I belong in this environment".
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