Findings from the 2nd annual Mercer Retirement Readiness Barometer


The Barometer, which looks to gauge the retirement readiness of different groups in Canadian society, found that women enter retirement with lower retirement savings than men. They also must work longer to achieve retirement readiness.

Women need more but retire with less


Women on average, retire $30,000 less wealthy than men, who retire with balances of $100,000.


Women have a lower annual income and lower quality of life at retirement.



Women's overall savings rate is almost 1% lower than men's.

Women must work at least two extra years to be retirement ready.

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Despite doing everything right relative to savings, structural factors are preventing the savings gap from closing.
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Prevailing headwinds facing women

Career interruptions

Pay inequity

COVID-related impacts

Women are good, if not better than men, at investing.



In every age group, accounts held by women showed slightly higher returns.

Women have a greater affinity for diversified solutions.

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