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Of all the capital and resources a company has, people remain the most important asset. This has become even clearer during a unique and difficult time. The remote, decentralized workflows many had to adapt to in 2020 due to COVID-19 emphasized how essential an agile and resilient workforce is to most bottom lines. The importance of people also holds true in deals. 


The top priorities of dealmakers are value creation, operational stability and client retention. These cannot be achieved without proactively anticipating and addressing people issues such as leadership effectiveness, organizational culture alignment and retention and attraction of key talent. 


See how businesses are leveraging M&A to transform and understand the importance of focusing on people risks throughout the deal lifecycle to drive success.

47% of failed deals don't succeed due to a lack of strategic planning of people risks  and 57% of survey respondents indicate increasing appetite for M&A over the next 12-24 months



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