Mercer Canada | The DB Destination Journey

Mercer Canada | The DB Destination Journey

What is your next destination on your Defined Benefit Pension Plan journey?



Defined benefit plan sponsors are facing increasing pressures – highly uncertain markets, persistent low interest rates and growing longevity risk. It’s never been more important to take a strategic approach and establish your DB Pension Plan goals now and in the future.

No matter where your DB plan takes you, Mercer can help you reach the right destination, at the right time.

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 Your defined benefit plan journey. What’s your DB destination?


Your DB destination goals may focus on de-risking, risk optimization, cost management, or partial or full plan termination. Whatever your goals, you’ll find information that will help you reach and achieve your objectives and reach your optimal DB Destination. Hear about the newest DB Destinations information as it becomes available.


DB Destination: Strategic Advice on Critical Decisions and Issues

Taking an active strategic approach in establishing your DB Pension Plan goals, and clarifying the destination for the near and long term hasn't been more critical than right now.

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Legislation and Market Trend Considerations

The defined benefit landscape continues to shift. How should you react to these trends?

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Fixed Income Outlook

Rethink your fixed-income strategy in a low-yield environment.

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Retirement Plan Design

Defined benefit (db) plan design is a key tool for managing financial risk and motivating talent

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DB Pension Risk Transfer

The Canadian retirement plan landscape is shifting. Are you ready to navigate the new terrain?

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Liability Driven Investments

LDI offers a risk management alternative to annuity purchases for DB Pension Plans

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Risk Optimization

Defined benefit pension plan sponsors like you have more incentive than ever to accept risk. Optimize your portfolio’s risks for a better tomorrow.

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Delegated Implementation & Investment Management

Have you ever wondered how other people find time to manage their defined benefit pension plans effectively? Wonder no more with this insightful article from Mercer.

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