Mercer Canada recently held its 27th annual Retirement Outlook event series across Canada. With many of our clients in attendance, the changing Canadian retirement planning landscape took center stage. Why? Because you, as Canadian retirement plan sponsors, have long been grappling with the growing gap between employee expectations and existing program benefits. How can plan sponsors work to help secure the financial wellness of plan members?


The answer isn’t an easy one.


We at Mercer know that underlying market factors directly impact retirement planning and plan sponsors must undertake specific strategies to meet the needs of their workforce.

We invite you to watch this brief video recapping key highlights from the event.

The traditional definition of retirement is changing. Given the backdrop of a potentially volatile market, technology disruption and the evolving needs of a multi-generational workforce, how can retirement plan sponsors be successful?

How is the vision of retirement changing?

Watch this video to see how Canadians are now viewing their future.

Turbulences en 2019?

Visionnez cette vidéo pour apprendre comment nos perspectives sur les marchés financiers peuvent vous aider à soutenir la sécurité financière de vos employés.

What are we doing to help Canadian employers and plan sponsors?

Learn how Mercer is working with organizations to help employees save for their future in this video.


Please also join us at our upcoming Retirement Outlook webinar on March 7, 2019, where we'll continue the dialogue on the rapidly changing retirement landscape in Canada.

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