post-retirement benefit trends

2015 post-retirement benefits trends poll summary


Employer Sponsored Retirement Benefit Plans are a valued part of employee compensation. Today however, market forces are making employers rethink this option, even as many employers remain convinced that retiree benefits are “the right thing to do,” play a part in effective talent management, and enhance their employment brand.

Mercer collected information from the leaders of 289 Canadian organizations on what actions they have taken or are considering in terms of changes to their retirement benefit plans.

Explore the Executive Summary to view a snapshot of employers’ views and the changes in the past, current, and future state of employer-provided retiree benefits in Canada including:



36% of retiree benefit plans made changes in the past four years



22% of retiree plans introduced reductions to their plans to mitigate escalating health care costs.



21% of retiree plans are considering additional changes in the next three years.

The executive summary also explores the top employer concerns, the type of changes under consideration and the views of companies that don’t offer a retiree plan.

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