The Future of Healthcare: Google-ize My Benefits — Please!

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Your business adapts and evolves with the times. You stay as agile as possible in order to stay relevant and competitive in your industry.
So why is your health plan stuck in the past and not personalized as it should be?

Today’s healthcare model is, well, outdated to say the least. It hasn’t evolved in years, though your workforce’s needs, expectations, and wants sure have. It’s not in tune with what employees want. You know it. Your employees know it.

Today’s employees want greater decision-making freedom. They’ve grown used to instant gratification. And they demand personalization. How can you adapt your employer provided benefits strategy to meet these evolving demands?

Offer personalized employee benefits. All you need is:

  • A better understanding of your workforce
  • Data analytics
  • A predictive plan
  • The right technology

Though we’re not there yet, we expect the benefits plans of the future to be data driven, using a variety of tools such as wearables, mobile technology, genetic testing, and more. HR will also focus more heavily on predictive employee benefits plans—equipped with data, HR leaders will be able to provide benefits that offer the most value to employees, based on a predictive roadmap.

By using a customer-centric, data-driven, and predictive approach to delivering employee healthcare benefits, you can keep up with the future of healthcare. It’s no doubt an exciting time to be in HR, but to take on these dramatic changes to the healthcare model, you’ll need the right knowledge to prepare.

Discover how you can effectively personalize your benefits offerings with our whitepaper on the “Google-ization” of employee benefits.

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