The Human Side of M&A : Why Your Organizational Culture Matters

Mercer surveyed and interviewed over 1400 M&A advisors, Business leaders and HR professionals and employees to help you prioritize and document workplace culture differences, and help identify how to merge company cultures and provide a positive employee experience.

For Canadian organizations, the research is clear:


  1. 89% of Canada respondents would consider leaving a job because the culture was not a good fit for them
  2. 62% of Canada respondents experienced integration plan adjustment due to culture issues.
  3. 71% of Canada respondents rated how leaders behave as the #1 culture component.

Navigating cultural complexities and successfully merging company cultures is a key issue in mergers and acquisitions.


Culture is your operating environment. It defines and allows you to effectively change business strategy, and it can provide a platform to attract and engage the right talent.

How important is merging company cultures to an M&A deal?

Learn from our M&A experts Amy Kawabori (Culture and Change Management Leader, Mercer) and Jeff Cox (Global M&A Transactions Services Leader, Mercer) about mitigating culture risk to drive real value.

Watch these videos to find out:

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