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Mercer Retiree Solution : The Right Fit for Transitioning Retirees

Throughout the employee life cycle, organizations work to provide relevant and valuable employee benefits that help attract and retain talent.  Retirement and benefit plans can be a valued part of employee compensation however, market forces are making employers review their plans, even as many employers remain convinced that retiree benefits are “the right thing to do”.  Being able to provide a retiree benefit solution to employees can be easier than imagined.

The Mercer Retiree Solution provides an employers’ retirees access to a complete suite of Mercer designed Health, Travel and Life insurance products. Designed to reduce costs, simplify administration and empower retiring employees as they transition to retirement, it’s a way for employers to do more for employees even after they leave the workplace.

Mercer Retiree Solution provides benefits for both your organization as well as your employees. As an organization, you can provide a unique insurance offering to retirees without increasing your costs or administrative resources.

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