COVID-19 has drastically changed how businesses operate and individuals relate to their work. Employees have also been forced to adapt their preconceived notions of work-life balance against the backdrop of family obligations, strict social distancing measures and the general uncertainty of what COVID-19 will mean going forward.

What can employers do to encourage their employees to rise to these challenges and stimulate strong mental health in such a stressful time? As many health and medical studies have suggested, it is more important than ever to learn how to relate mindfully to stress and recognize when it is becoming too difficult to cope with. While not fully embraced in many workplace environments, various forms of meditation are highly effective tools in helping employees to thrive.


Meditation encompasses a number of related techniques – such as mindfulness, focused breathing, and yoga – aimed at calming a frenzied mind. It involves taking a mental break from all of the complex problems and stressors around you for even a brief amount of time, ultimately reenergizing you to face your new reality. Download the whitepaper to learn more about these techniques.

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