At Mercer Canada’s 26th Annual Retirement Outlook and Fearless Forecast, leaders in our Wealth business discussed the market outlook for Canada.

Mercer’s Fearless Forecast

As a plan sponsor, do you side with the Bear or the Bull when forecasting the market this year?

Despite experiencing six straight years of great financial performance, the market continues to be unpredictable. Steady global growth, a relatively low inflation rate and strong labour markets suggest that markets will continue to outperform in 2018. On the other hand, our markets are more exposed to global economic and political instability. What does this mean for you managing pension and retirement assets?


There are cases to be made to aggressively lock-in gains and de-risk your portfolio in the short term.  Equally, if you have a longer time horizon, there are still significant opportunities to grow.  View the infographic to see key highlights from the forecast.


How Mercer Can Help

The stress of financial security is affecting your employees now. Mercer’s retirement, investment and financial wellness programs help employees take action and reduce financial worries while employers increase workforce engagement and productivity.


As a plan sponsor, the future is anything but certain. Mercer can help you make the most of your pension plan, whether you're mitigating risk, winding down a Defined Benefit plan or looking to create or enhance your employees Defined Contribution Plan.

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