A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace can bring your organization extensive rewards. When teams and organizations are more diverse, their financial results are better, they can find and keep top talent, and they are more creative and innovative. In the wake of the disruptions from the pandemic, workplaces are now also considering the moral imperative of DEI and overlapping ESG (environmental, social and governance) concerns.


Canadian companies have come to realize that managing inclusively with empathy is critical for future growth, prosperity and resilience. And many organizations are accelerating change.


How can you create an environment where all employees feel safe, valued, empowered and able to develop their full potential?


Successful DEI programs recognize that numerous factors make us unique as individuals and that creating workforce equality requires a multidimensional approach. Here are four steps that will help you make an impact with your efforts:


  1. Listen to your employees
  2. Establish more inclusive benefits
  3. Highlight learning and allyship
  4. Hold leadership accountable for leading DEI

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