Digital well-being solutions are becoming key elements of employers’ benefit offerings, to enable a productive and healthy workforce. This trend has continued to accelerate with hybrid work and the talent shortage. Non-traditional benefits, such as virtual healthcare and digital coaching are now viewed as smart and necessary additions to employee health and well-being programs.


There are many digital health solutions and service providers in the market.  And this is evolving constantly.  


Interested to know what other employers are doing?


Participate in a survey to identify the prevalence of non-traditional employee benefits. Survey participants will receive an infographic summarizing the results to learn innovation in benefits package including digital health and well-being offerings.


Each organization’s individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. Results will only be reported in aggregate, in accordance with our privacy and compliance standards.


The deadline for completion is February 2, 2023. The survey will take no more than 20 minutes to complete.


Participation is greatly appreciated. The insight you will gain will help you build on your employee value proposition.


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