"In an era where financial services firms face increasing competition from new market entrants, ever-present regulatory overhead and the challenge of achieving growth in a low interest rate environment, it’s critical to build greater innovation and flexibility into the workforce. A proactive approach to diversity planning will broaden the talent pool and enhance workplace culture to better prepare financial services firms to thrive in the future." — Nigel Carter, Partner and Global Leader, Financial Services Industry

The predominance of men in senior positions in financial services companies is a symptom of broader problems. Overly nargrid-x criteria for advancement, outdated leadership models, inflexible working practices and bias in talent management all contribute to a lack of diversity, highlighting a recognized need for improved values and behaviors. Tackling these issues is not just “the right thing to do”; it also benefits the organization, its employees, its customers and investors. Greater gender diversity can help organizations:

  1. Positively impact culture, conduct and risk
  2. Enhance customer connection
  3. Embrace new competencies leading to future growth; and
  4. Access a broader talent pool

Pulling data from our global report, When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive, our Financial Services Perspective examines the current representation of women at all levels in the financial services industry.

As career level rises, female representation severely declines. How does your female pipeline compare?

Representation of female and male employees at all levels


In addition to an examination of current representation, future projections and industry-specific findings and recommendations are included to empower organizations to map their own journeys to greater gender diversity. Now is the time to take action.

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