Is Best Practice Best For Your Executive Compensation?

Designing and implementing an executive compensation program is no easy feat. There’s constant external pressure to make the right decisions. When carefully balancing public scrutiny, competition, and pay for compensation, all the while trying to attract top leaders, understanding how best to structure your executive pay program can be a challenge. 

In an effort to identify the right executive compensation strategy, it can be tempting to follow the best practices of peer organizations. Common practice, however, isn’t always the best practice. Your firm is unique—your executive compensation program should be one of a kind, too.

It’s time to reconsider the virtues of conventional, one-size-fits-all executive pay practices

It’s time for you to reconsider the virtues of conventional one-size-fits-all executive pay practices and consider tailoring a solution to your unique business needs. Are you ready for a program refresh that will revitalize your executive pay program? Download this whitepaper to find out why cookie-cutter designs aren’t ideal and learn why a personalized approach will help you stand out from the crowd.

Mercer consultants design and implement executive rewards programs that are aligned with business performance, secure key talent, and respond to stakeholders’ concerns. With more than 20 consultants dedicated to the Executive Compensation practice across Canada and backed a global firm, organizations benefit from an objective, informed, and analytic approach.

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