Workforce Transition Checklist: 15 Items to Consider During Reduction-In-Force

You’ve identified the need for layoff or termination, but does your company have the structure in place to skillfully enact the logistics of this process?

Review this checklist of 15 practical and legal issues to consider during a reduction-in-force to help you maintain a good employer brand and reputation during this challenging transition.

In workforce planning, it’s crucial to consider the end of an employee’s experience with your company. Building a good brand means treating employees well throughout their entire relationship with you, even if that time ends in termination. Often, the last impression your company leaves an employee with determines whether they will speak positively of you as an employer, or not. In most cases, they’re more likely to speak highly about their employee experience if they feel that they were supported throughout their entire employee experience, and especially during this transition.

During a reduction-in-force, setting clear strategies and objectives can help you prepare to meet the legal requirements related to terminating an employee and anticipate the documentation and resources needed during this transition, making it a smoother experience for everybody.

Some questions you need to address during a reduction-in-force are:

  • Who should be on the assigned team for decision-making?
  • How do you establish reduction-in-force objectives?
  • How do you define employee selection criteria?
  • What are the legal requirements for final paychecks?
  • How do you establish if there are any possible legal implications?

You can also support a former employee during transition by providing resources to get them back to work faster. Setting them up for success in this way positions your company as one that adds value to the entire employee experience, even during and beyond termination. Mercer’s Workforce Transition solution is designed to help your company achieve this so you can continue to build your workforce for the future.

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