Building a culture of belonging


As we think about Pride and what it means to us at Mercer, we’re celebrating our vibrant LGBTQ+ community – and empowering all colleagues to be themselves.


We welcome you to join us.

  • United in Pride - Video transcript

    As we think about Pride and what it means to us at Mercer,

    we're celebrating our vibrant LGBTQ+ community,

    our allies and everyone who is driving belonging forward.


    That's why the first time we're bringing images

    of our own colleagues into our campaign.


    We're celebrating Pride with the colleagues

    who are challenging the market

    on what it means to be inclusive leaders.


    We recognize our colleagues around the world

    and the many intersections that they experience.


    We want you to know that you can be yourself here

    and that we're proud to have you.


    Who you are defines who we are.


    Together, we're building a culture of belonging

    in the ways we show up, big and small, every day.


    We welcome everyone to join us as we

    continue to work together towards change.


    Whether you have been with us for many years

    or today is your very first day,

    no matter who you love, how you identify

    or where you come from, you are accepted here.


    You are appreciated here.

    You're exceptional here.

    You are heard here.

    You are welcome here.


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